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What is the price for massage at Tranquil Health Massage & Wellness Center, LLC?

Introductory Rate

The FIRST TIME you see EACH therapist, the introductory rate applies regardless of whether the session is a Swedish Massage or Therapeutic Massage (see below). This gives you the opportunity to experience the special training each therapist has received and in which each has professionally excelled. We each have our special niches and specific ways we have come to practice, so we are all different in our styles. We complement each other and work well as a team to bring you comprehensive care. This way you can find several therapists without whom you cannot live!

The Introductory Rate is 60 minutes=$45, 90 minutes=$68, and 120 minutes=$90.

Regular Rate

When you repeat visits with therapist(s) you have seen before, the Regular Rate applies, unless it is a Swedish Massage (see below) only. Sometimes you may be getting a full-body massage but area(s) that are assessed by the therapist may be treated specifically within the session. If this is the case, REGULAR RATES apply. This is called an Integrative Massage, which uses a combination of specialty techniques to address the unique situation you have at the time of your visit.

Regular Rates are 30 minutes=$35, 60 minutes=$65, 90 minutes=$85, and 120 minutes=$115.

Seniors (60 years and better), Students (with ID), and Active Duty Military (with ID): These folks are eligible for a discounted rate structure as follows: 30 minutes=$28, 60 minutes=$45, 90 minutes=$68, and 120 minutes=$90.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy can be added to any 90 or 120 minute session for an additional $20

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage is a modality of massage that uses long, flushing strokes over the body with a light to moderate pressure. You may also have heard it called a “full-body or relaxation massage”. It is meant to create relaxation and increase circulation throughout the body, also helpful to flush toxins from the tissue into the blood stream so your body can get rid of them. It is a generalized massage that does not focus on or address any specific areas or problem areas you may be experiencing.

The price structure for this type of massage is 60 minutes=$45, 90 minutes=$68, and 120 minutes=$90 no matter how many times you see your favorite therapist(s).

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is using one or more specialty modalities to treat pain or specific problems you may have. This can range from localized pain to generalized conditions or dysfunctions in the body. These specialty modalities may include, but are not limited to, deep tissue massage, energy work (including CranioSacral Therapy), prenatal massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, postural realignment, etc. If your therapist uses any of these modalities in addition to Swedish Massage, the introductory rate will apply the 1st time you see each therapist, and when you repeat, the regular price structure will apply.

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